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Paris Marathon

The journey to 2025 starts now

Limited availability on race passes with Early Bird pricing - on sale now!

A scenic run around the island

Dreams do come true. Embark on The Arctic Run - a marathon tracing a unique path around a beautiful island measuring exactly 42 km, in delightful Vesterålen, Northern Norway.

Become a volunteer

Make every mile count - we are seeking volunteers for The Arctic Run!


Times displayed are local. Provisional program subject to change.
Certain events in the program may not be included in your Run Pass, and require separate tickets.

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All you need to know

Travel to
The Arctic Run

Our suggestions for making your way to
Hadsel√łya, the island in which The Arctic Run takes place.

Via Evenes

Via Stokmarknes

Stay in Vesterålen

There are thousands of beds and many ways to experience Vesterålen.

Join our Strava Club

Join the fun and prepare for what's coming! 
Be part of our speed- and delightful view-loving club on Strava.


Marathon – Early Bird
Solo: 600 NOK
Duo: 550 NOK


Half-Marathon – Early Bird
Solo: 500 NOK
Duo: 450 NOK

10K – Early Bird
Solo: 400 NOK
Duo: 350 NOK

Early Bird tickets are limited while supply lasts.
*For Duo pricing, the charge will incur the team leader.


NFIF License is required in addition to the Run Pass.


To register, you must be 18 years of age or older on Event day.


To register, you must be 15 years of age or older on Event day.

To register, you must be 13 years of age or older on Event day.

Registrations will close on Saturday 1st June 2025 at 23.59 CET.

It will be possible to register on-site on Friday 6th or Saturday 7th June 2025 at the Event Centre, only as an individual registration and only for the 10K.

All registrations are done on our official registration platform.


You can register as an individual or as a duo. Larger teams and businesses can register by request at


For team registration, one Team Leader completes the registration and pays the full team registration fee for the entire team. The Team Leader creates a team name and team password, and shares it with his team members.


Team members register from their own account by selecting ‚ÄúTeam member‚ÄĚ on the registration platform, entering their personal details, the team name and password provided by the Team Leader.


In case one team member cannot participate, he/she has the possibility to transfer his/her registration. See the Cancellation / Transfer registration section below.

In addition, to giving you access to the event, your registration to The Arctic Run includes access to the Event Expo, official timing, and a finisher’s medal.

Short answer: no. The Duo pass give you a discount because you are purchasing multiple passes at the same time. The more people there are, the cheaper your running pass becomes. There is no requirement for everyone to run together.


(Though we do recommend having someone to share the view with for the fun of it)

Entry to The Arctic Run is binding and there will be no refund of entry fees or any other options that were paid for during the registration process. No exceptions will be made.


You have the option to transfer your registration, this can be done only via our official registration platform. It is your responsibility to find a buyer.

Log in to your MyEvents page to initialize the transfer process.

Our goal is to make The Arctic Run an inclusive event, inviting in para athletes.

Registration for para athletes is open in our registration portal.

We look forward to announcing further details at a later date.

A NFIF license is mandatory for attending The Arctic Run, which can be obtained in the registration portal, as a one-time license limited to the event you’re participating in. Those with a paid license are insured during the event. Children under 13 are covered by a collective sports insurance and do not need a license. An annual license also provides insurance for training.

If your group contains more than 10 persons, please send an email to

Join The Arctic Run

The ultimate island experience kicks off
the 7th of June 2025 in Vesterålen